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I will offer you an honest critique of your manuscript. This includes a critique on:

  • Characterisation
  • Settings
  • Plot (including plot holes)
  • POV
  • Style

I will rewrite parts of your story to make it more readable.

Note that this is not a proofreading service.

The price is £5 per 1000 words

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3 reviews for Critique

  1. Annee

    The review of my story was thoroughly marked as far as grammar and stylistic choices and the comments made were constructive.

  2. Taylor

    I have to say that it was exceedingly helpful. Not only were things that could use work marked, but it was explained why they were marked. Suggestions were added in places where things needed to change and they were nice suggestions. All-in-all, a most incredible and helpful experience!

  3. Devin Greenlee

    100% honest and professional feedback. I found this service to be INCREDIBLY helpful, constructive, and thorough. Very knowledgable and would be a great asset!

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